Two Signs That a Transmission Repair in Murray is Needed


Most automobile owners don’t give a second thought to their transmissions. They simply slip the transmission into drive and go on their way. Just like the engine and the brakes, the transmission can begin to develop problems. It pays to be aware of some of the more common signs that the need for a transmission repair in Murray exists.

Grinding and Shaking

When the transmission switches gears, the shift should be smooth and with little to no hesitation. Even slipping into the passing gear should barely be noticeable. If the car lurches, or the transmission seems to hesitate for several seconds, that is a good sign of an emerging problem. When there is any type of shaking or grinding going on when a shift occurs, rest assured there is something going on that has the potential to create a lot of problems. Rather than considering the shaking or grinding a one-time thing, it pays to take the car to a professional and have the transmission checked before things can get any worse.

The Car Will Go Forward But Not Backward

Going forward is no problem, but shifting into reverse yields no results at all. There is no grinding and no hesitation. Instead, nothing happens until the operator decides to shift into drive again and the car moves forward like it should. Rather than spending the next year or so finding creative ways to get around without the aid of a reverse gear, it pays to take the vehicle in for a transmission repair in Murray at once.

The thing to remember is that not every problem with a transmission means it will have to be replaced. If the car owner gets the car to the shop in a timely manner, there is a very good chance that the origin of the problem can be isolated and repaired without having to invest in a brand new or rebuilt transmission. For more information about the importance of quick repair, visit the website and get an idea of how costly those delays can be. With that information in mind, chances are that the car owner will not hesitate to seek out help when it is needed.

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