Truths and Misconceptions About Dentures in Kona


Dentures have improved considerably in the last decade or so, and these technological advances have made them more seamless than ever before. But there are still some common misconceptions about dentures that seem to change individual’s perceptions in their usefulness and aesthetic. Some are for the better, and some are for the worse, but the below realities will hopefully shed some light on dentures. In short, dentures do come in different prices and fits. They can also be a bit more demanding to maintain in their hygiene and the implant procedure is not just unnecessary for many patients, but it could be harmful.

Truth: Dentures Come in Different Qualities

Dentures in Kona come in various styles, and this includes their quality. The biggest cost change comes in the actual fitting. A special proper fit is more costly due to the procedure and details that go into getting the mold and getting the perfect fit. Cheaper dentures are similar to over the counter glasses in a way. They fit substandard molds due to age and demographic, and bypass a few of the very specific mold procedures that get an absolutely perfect fit. The bottom line is that a cheap denture is not always the best, and when they fall out often it likely has to do with the fit.

Truth: Dentures in Kona are Often Difficult to Maintain

Dentures require an additional consideration in cleaning, and that is the open mouth where the dentures are being placed and fitted. See, people without dentures do not worry about cleaning the open slots where dentures would go, and around these areas of the gums. But dentures need to be cleaned themselves, as well as the gums that get closed over, making denture ownership not an easy process in cleaning.

Truth: Dentures Can Come Without Implants

Many individuals use implants to secure the dentures and reduce them falling out of place. This is not necessary, and many people have dentures without having to handle implant procedures. It is simply a matter of the structure of the mouth, and it is reviewed on a patient-by-patient basis. Visit Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. to learn more detailed specifics about denture usage. Visit Carteryokoyamadds.com for more details.









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