Trust Your Divorce Attorney in Tuscaloosa To Help You With a Marital Settlement Agreement That Benefits Your Entire Family

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Lawyers

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A marital settlement agreement is an agreement between the spouses to settle issues such as property division, custody of minor children and child support without a trial. In many cases, lawyers are involved in the settlement process to protect the rights and the interests of each spouse. Whether you have already worked out most of the details of your divorce or you haven’t even started talking to your spouse about how to divide your property and provide for your young children, a Divorce Attorney in Tuscaloosa may be able to help you work out an agreement and save money on legal fees by avoiding a trial.


If you are able to reach an agree with your spouse before you file for divorce, your lawyer may simply need to look over your agreement to ensure that all of your assets are accounted for and the property division is equitable. Couples with minor children will need to include wording in their marital settlement agreement that accounts for where the children will live, when the noncustodial parent will spend time with them and how financial support will be handled.


Some couples are able to agree on some issues but not others. In those situations, a Divorce Attorney in Tuscaloosa may be able to help a client negotiate a suitable agreement with their spouse. Your attorney will work with your spouse’s attorney to attempt to forge an agreement. Agreeing on the terms of your divorce is much less expensive than litigating your divorce. The costs of a trial can greatly reduce your property settlement and give you less money to start your new life. Depending on your disagreements, mediation may be an option for you and your spouse.


Divorce is rarely pleasant and is sometimes even unexpected. A lawyer can help you deal with the financial and custody issues related to ending your marriage so you don’t have to. Parents who are able to draft a marital settlement agreement and can avoid a trial may make the divorce easier for their children. You can get additional info here about more of the advantages of settling your divorce without litigation.

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