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Trucking accidents differ from car accidents in several significant ways. The most notable of these are that the injuries sustained are usually more severe, owing to the size of the truck (compared to the vehicle it may have hit), and that the driver of the truck is more than likely not the owner of the vehicle. This makes proof of culpability more complicated, and thus finding a specific cause of the accident becomes critical. An attorney from a firm of specialist truck accident lawyers will be able to help you establish liability, collect evidence and seek compensation from the correct parties.

The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents
* Driver error is 10 times more likely than any other factor to be the cause of a truck accident.
* The second most common cause is equipment failure. Design and manufacturing errors or mechanical errors, and insufficient maintenance are the most common problems.
* Weather conditions have a major impact on the safety of big trucks. Bad weather increases braking distance and reduces steering ability.
* Improper loading – an unbalanced load could cause a truck to tip over, while cargo that hasn’t been properly secured can fall off the truck and into the path of other vehicles on the road.
* Lack of care when selecting a driver or trucking company is becoming an increasing problem, as many drivers are inexperienced.

What Can Truck Accident Lawyers Do for Me?
If you have sustained an injury as a result of a truck accident, truck accident lawyers can file lawsuits to try and recover compensation, based on a number of possible causes, including:

* Lack of truck driving experience
* Failure to see other vehicles due to the truck’s large blind spot
* Not obeying traffic laws
* Overloading trucks
* Operating oversized trucks on narrow roads;
* Not stopping at weigh stations
* Driving for too long without taking a break.

Depending on the nature of the accident, it may not only be the driver who is held responsible. Sometimes, the owner of the trucking company, the owner of the truck, the driver’s employer, and their respective insurance companies may also be liable.

Compensation for injuries and damages resulting from a truck accident is usually divided into economic and non-economic. Visit Website for more information or contact them today!

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