Treacherous Road Conditions Could Have Played a Part in Fatal New York Trucking Accident


Flags were lowered this summer in honor of a fallen soldier who lost his life during a routine material transport where a Connecticut National Guard truck collided with a sedan in New York. The journey began in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the birthplace of guardsman Robert Patterson Jr. The truck was carrying ammunition and the guardsman who is now deceased was said to be driving toward New Jersey. Injuries were sustained in both vehicles, with two other soldiers plus the driver of the sedan narrowly escaping with their lives still intact. An investigation into the details of the accident is still being conducted and some sources are citing treacherous road conditions as the root cause while others claim there might have been negligence behind the wheel at play in either vehicle.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 33,000 annual deaths occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

This incident exemplifies one fact about New York truck and auto accidents that often goes overlooked—you don’t have to be a New York driver to be involved in one of these types of crashes. Fatal truck and auto accidents are common in the five New York boroughs (Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island). Sources say it took the better part of a late summer afternoon to clear the highway of debris after the collision but it could take those involved and those whose loved ones were involved the better part of their remaining lives to pick up the fallen pieces.

The Realities of Driving in New York

New York is not only the most populated city in the nation; it is also a popular cross city for drivers making their way to other local, heavily trafficked destinations such as New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Connecticut. New York, like most other national regions, has a few distinct driving laws that out of town drivers might not even be aware of. Collisions can occur as a result of all sorts of things, including:

1. Driver negligence
2. Driver exhaustion
3. Drivers using cellular devices while operating their vehicles
4. Lack of local traffic law knowledge
5. Treacherous road conditions
6. A combination of one or more of the above listed items


All of the following adverse affects could occur as a result of a tragic collision:


1. Deformity
2. Immobility
3. Fatality
4. The inability to carry on your daily routine
5. Job loss
6. Medical bills
7. Loss of wages
8. Financial crisis

Occasionally, a specialist must be called in to prove that the underlying cause of an accident was driver negligence as opposed to treacherous road conditions or vice versa. Knowing which specialist to call upon is an important part of uncovering the facts. Eye witness testimonials also play a major role in the fact finding process. The lesson here is that safer roads and safer traveling conditions all the way around should be a top priority in order to avoid events like this in the future. While detectives, accident attorneys and other local authority figures scour the remains for clues, American citizens are once again forced to recognize the many hazards threatening New York drivers and visitors passing through.

Richard C. Bell is a personal injury attorney who has been practicing law in New York City since 1982. He handles cases resulting from negligence and is committed to obtaining maximum compensation for his clients. In addition to being featured for his efforts in accredited media outlets such as The Donahue Show, The New York Times and The Daily News, Richard also has an excellent reputation for achieving multimillion dollar verdicts. Some of his most recent settlements have resulted in his clients being awarded upwards from $6.5 million. He can be reached at the Law Offices of Richard C Bell for inquiries.

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