Traditional or Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners Bel Air, MD: Which is Best?


Swimming pools can collect algae and debris that is sometimes difficult to pick up with a pool skimmer. Luckily, there are pool cleaners available to combat this issue and help make cleaning the family’s favorite summer spot a lot easier. A few different types of automatic pool cleaners are available depending on personal preference, pool size, and needs.

Suction side cleaners are affixed to the suction line of the pool’s plumbing they use suction power to lift particles from the pool’s floor and liner. The machine lifts and empties the debris by passing it through the skimmer and filtering system. This type of cleaner is cost efficient, designed for small to medium sized pools and has few moving parts. Unfortunately, using it results in wear and tear on the pool pump, and it’s more taxing on the filtration system. If problems occur, pool owners can call in professional Swimming Pool Cleaners Bel Air MD, like PlumbCrazy.

Pressure side cleaners utilize water pressure and a pool pump to push the cleaner around the pool, and it sends debris straight into the filter bag. From there it can be eliminated. This device is a little more expensive, costing between $300 and $999 and may need another pump or booster pump. They can be installed by Swimming Pool Cleaners Bel Air MD companies to give pool owners a lasting solution to a dirty pool. They require less pool filter and pump maintenance, are designed for medium or large pools, and are interchangeable with many replacement parts.

The third category of pool cleaners is robotic pool cleaners that have a price tag of $329 to $1299. These are most often used by pool owners having a filtration system that’s self-contained and simple to use. Though the machine is higher priced, large in size and requires a lot of maintenance, there are many benefits. It offers impressive cleaning features, is green-friendly, whisper-quiet, and has a long warranty.

Some of the most important things to consider when deciding which cleaning system to purchase is how much money someone is willing to spend, if they would like their energy bill reduced, and how much maintenance is required. However, they could go the old-fashioned way and just hire Swimming Pool Cleaners Bel Air MD. What person decides will truly depend on their personal needs. Visit website for more information.

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