Tips on How to Maintain Central Air Conditioners in Wichita

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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FlandershvacWhen the heat becomes unbearable in your home or office, it could be a signal that it is time to buy an air conditioner. In addition to lowering temperatures, air conditioners can also alter humidity and the general quality of air. However, buying air conditioners in Wichita is just a waste of money if you do not how to maintain the machines. For your air conditioner to last longer, you should carry out regular checkups, particularly on two components, the condenser and the evaporator. Caution though, before you do any work on your air conditioner, ensure the power to the machine (to both the condensing unit and evaporator unit) is turned off.


Cleaning the evaporator


The evaporator unit is located above the furnace. It might not be easily accessible, but if you manage to find it, clean it at least once a year. Cleaning the evaporator is not a complicated task, as the following steps explain.


1. Remove the insulation that is normally in the form of a foil at front of the plenum. You should be able to see an access plate behind the insulation. Unscrew it.
2. Clean the whole of the evaporator’s underside using a stiff brush. Use a hand mirror if you cant see what you are doing.
3. Clean the tray that is below the evaporator unit using household bleach (1 tablespoon) to prevent and stop fungus growth.
4. Put things back in place — reinstall access plate and insulation.


Maintaining the condenser


In most systems, the condensing unit is positioned outside the house. It contains a fan that directs air across the coil and, due to its location, it is very prone to dirt and remains from lawn mowing and trees. You can maintain the condenser in three easy steps.


5. Remove by cutting down any weeds, grass or vines that are near the condenser because they might be hampering the airflow.
6. Use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the condenser.
7. Use a soft brush to clean out accumulated dirt in the fins.


Use a commercial condensing unit cover to protect outside condensers from dirt when the unit is not in use. For professional assistance on how you can maintain air conditioners in Wichita, you can contact reputable companies such as Cook’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

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