Tips For Choosing A Residential Snow Removal Company


Not everyone has the time or ability to clear the snow from their walkways and driveways. When you’re not up to doing this job yourself, it’s time to consider hiring a Residential Snow Removal company. However, some of these companies do¬†better jobs than others. Taking the following things into consideration will help you find an option that will work for you.

Safety First

Make sure any Residential Snow Removal professional under consideration has insurance in case any damage is caused or anyone is injured. Larger companies (i.e. those not consisting of just one person offering their services) should preferably have some type of safety training. It’s even better if they’re industry certified professionals with a Snow & Ice Management Association certification naming them a Certified Snow Professional.

Planning Is Essential

For a company to be able to provide a good snow removal service, they’ve got to do at least a certain amount of planning. They should visit the home before the first snow to come up with a plan so they know the quickest and safest way to move snow from where it isn’t wanted into the preferred dumping spot on the property. They’ll know what time you need to be able to leave for work or school, or what time you’ll be home if snow starts later in the day, and will have a plan in place to make sure that the driveway is cleared by then. They should also preferably have a backup plan in place so even if equipment breaks down or an employee can’t make it, the driveway will still be cleared of snow in a timely manner. This typically means having an extra 10 percent of both equipment and snow removal employees.

Communication Is Key

It’s comforting to know that when you get home the driveway will be clear. The best companies will either call, text, or email you the details of when they visited your home and what they did while there (for example, plowing and then using deicer). This makes it so it won’t be a surprise whether or not the snow was removed from your home when you weren’t there.

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