The Wonders of Glass Beads for Blasting

by | Jul 2, 2014 | business services

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Glass beads, a simple yet modern concept, one in which a great amount of success has come from. The glass bead design has a massive amount of applications, from filtrations to drainage systems in swimming pools and tennis courts. Even in the environmental movement across Europe with indoor farming, glass beads are being used in hydroponic systems, helping create a sustainable indoor faming environment. Glass beads even have cleaning applications, when used in bead blast media for example, these astonishingly small beads have an extraordinary effect. They are able to dramatically smooth the surface they’re fired at, rounding edges and creating a nice charming finish on most surfaces.


Why is Glass So Special?


Glass has amazing properties, key characteristics which separate glass from any other substance. These characteristics include;

* Easy to produce, glass unlike metals can be made with a lot easier to find materials.

* Can resist enormous amounts of pressure.

* Can be molded into almost any shape!

* Pound for pound weighs less than most other raw materials.

* Is Non-Toxic.

* Superficially is more appealing to the eye.

* Has a massive amount of real world applications


All of these special characteristics are the main reason glass is used almost everywhere and for almost anything. bead blast media is a prime example of a modern day technology that uses glass to its full potential.


What is Bead Blast Media?


Bead blast media is a tool in which specially designed glass beads are loaded into either a hand held or standalone machine, and fired at a surface to either clean, strip or smooth to the desired effect. The reason glass is so preferred when using such a technology is due to its characteristics; when spraying a material at a surface which needs to be taken care of, with intense amount of pressure, you need to be sure of the outcome. Using glass beads you can be sure of the following results;


* A smooth, bright and even finish. Due to the nature of glass beads being smooth in themselves, it gives the user mass amount of control of the outcome of the surface texture being fired at.

* Surface integrity is intact. This is of key importance to most people, you want to know you’re not going to have to repair your material after you’ve cleaned it.

* Non-toxic fumes. When using some cleaning products people can suffer from toxic fume inhalation or chemical burns, a risk you don’t have to put up with when using glass.

* No residue left behind. Once you’ve cleaned your surface no one wants to have to clean the cleaning product off it.
Bead blast media really is a safe, easy to use modern day technology, primarily representing the miraculous wonders a material such as glass can perform.


If you’re interested in trying a bead blast media contact the specialists at OptiBlast. Contact them at or at (903) 589-0452.

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