The Vital Role of Address Verification Software


There is nothing more important to a business than being able to keep up with their customer base. Every aspect of a business is built around customers and how they interact with you concerning products and services. One of the best ways to keep up with customers that is the least obtrusive is mailings. Based on how many times Americans move on an annual basis, keeping up with valid addresses can be a major task. Well at least until the first USPS Address Verification programs were created. Software of this magnitude is useful in many different ways besides just verifying addresses.

Businesses Need to Be Able to Keep Up with Their Customers

Organization is one of the key factors of keeping up with customers. Customer data changes frequently, and it is collected on a regular basis and shared with a multitude of organizations through varying touch points. Data is also collected in many different manners include through web interfaces, call centers, accounting, data imports, marketing and sales, and through many other avenues. With this amount of information being given on a constant basis, and used for different purposes such as decision making, mailings, and inbound identification, it is clear to see why address verification is vital to a company.

Accurate Address Data Is Priceless

Since the accuracy of an address is vital to a company, address verification software plays a dynamic role in providing information that is consistent and correct. The entire enterprise from software applications, packaged enterprise and custom applications, prove that having verified addresses keep companies organized and allows them to communicate in a better fashion with employees, partners, constituents, and even their customers. Just being able to match an address to current USPS databases using address verification software increases your ability to mail information to clients that actually reaches them. Many addresses can be updated in real time or with a micro-batch process that uses the USPS Address Information System.

Match Address to Verify Mailing Deliverability

When you want to improve the deliverability of your mailings, you need to be able to match incoming addresses with those already listed on USPS databases. This will help determine if an address is truly valid. The databases used by the USPS are updated on a monthly basis and include the following information, street names, ZIP codes, cities and states. All of this information is collected for commercial and residential addresses. When addresses are proved to be accurate, you are assured mailing deliverability which increases your bottom line and helps save money.

Anchor Computer Software offers businesses USPS Address Verification Software that can increase their revenue while saving them money. Browse their user-friendly website to learn more about their products that can increase mailings with address verifications and much more.

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