The Specialized Fields Of Cosmetology

The Specialized Fields Of Cosmetology

Cosmetology can be divided into various sub-fields that can require in-depth training and study. With some training from a cosmetology school in Chicago, you can get your career started and advance to a specialized field. Being a cosmetologist does not mean that you have to be confined to a salon or store that specializes in beauty related products. If you have a keen interest in cosmetology, there are many specialized fields that you can pursue after your basic training is complete. Here are few fields you can consider after finishing your initial training.


Also known as aestheticians, professionals in this field are experts in maintaining a healthy epidermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of our skin, and estheticians specialize in treating it and taking care of it. They generally work in spas, skin care clinics, or even at private practices. This field of cosmetology requires these professionals to specialize in treatments involving electrology, cosmetic electrotherapy and microcurrent treatments, which are also known as non-surgical facelifts. With these treatments, they are able to treat various cosmetic skin issues.


A nailtekmedic is a specialized nail technician who has extensive training before becoming licensed. This is an expanded field where licensed professionals provide medically hygienic procedures for nail health and nail care. By specializing in this field, cosmetologists are able to work in medical settings and provide nail treatments to patients in hospitals or clinics. These professionals are experts in nail sanitation and hygienic methods for helping people with nail care issues, and they usually work alongside physicians or nurses.


This is a subfield for cosmetologists who are looking to enter healthcare and work in a medical setting. Cosmecaregivers work with bedridden people and offer medically hygienic beauty care for patients. This involves hair treatments, nail care, and skin care. They have to be well versed with sanitation and patient safety when performing these treatments.


This subfield may not be the most suitable field for many people, but it is one of the most lucrative. A desairologist is a skilled professional that has a cosmetology license to perform hairstyling or various techniques in a funeral home. By providing hair styling, nail coloring, and cosmetics, they are able to create a natural look on the deceased. Hygienic and sanitary procedures must be applied in their situation and must meet state and all industry regulations.

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