The Right Roofer in Oshkosh WI Can Improve the Look of Your Home While Saving Energy

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Roofing

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A roof in our part of the country has to put up with quite a lot; wind, rain, snow, ice, and cold, all of which will shorten its life span. That’s why it is so important to have a Roofer in Oshkosh WI do a thorough, professional inspection of your roof on a regular basis. It doesn’t take a lot to cause a few broken or missing shingles, and once the decking underneath is exposed, deterioration quickly follows. This means that wind, rain, and even pests can have easy entrance to your home. From there, you can expect damage to the beams in your attic, and your insulation may be rendered useless. If small rodents find their way in, any exposed wiring is also going to be in danger from gnawing. Mold and mildew will try to get a foothold, too. Finally, you’ll start to notice stains on your ceilings, and by then it will probably take more than a roofing repair to put your house right again.

If an inspection catches developing problems early enough, a fast and relatively inexpensive repair may be all your roof needs; but if it is put off for too long, you’ll need a complete tear-off and a new roof. This is more costly, time-consuming, and invasive than a repair, although it will give you the opportunity to install the roof of your choice. As an integral part of your home’s construction, a roof not only adds support and protection, it can also contribute to the overall look of the home. The right roof, properly installed can complement a home and increase its curb appeal. Another advantage of a new roof is that current roofing materials can be much more energy-efficient than the originals, which can mean substantial savings on heating and cooling costs.

Since 1965, the roofing pros at Motto and Sons Construction have been building, maintaining, and repairing roofs in our area and they can put all of those years of experience to work for you, too. When you’re looking for a reliable Roofer in Oshkosh WI, Contact Motto and Sons Construction. Residential or commercial, they can get the job done quickly and professionally at competitive prices, and they stand behind the work they do.




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