The Professional Responsibilities of a Deportation Attorney

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Attorney

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There are many complicated issues revolving around deportation. A Deportation Attorney could potentially use many approaches when representing a client facing deportation. Deportation, whether it’s expelling somebody from the US or prohibiting entrance into the United States, is technically considered a removal process. While some attorneys may fight for people looking to gain entrance to the United States, most deportation attorneys focus their practices on helping people who are facing expulsion.


In many cases, people facing deportation are doing so because a crime has been committed. For example, if somebody was arrested, and it was found they are in the country illegally, they may face deportation. In these instances, they will likely be held in a detention center.


The attorney’s job is twofold in these situations. The first part of the job is to investigate the crimes the person has been charged with. It will be important for the deportation attorney to determine whether the crime was indeed committed by their client. If, in fact, the crime was committed, it will be the attorney’s job to gather evidence and to look for any mitigating circumstances surrounding the crime.


In addition, the attorney will also need to defend against their client’s removal from the United States. There are many ways in which an attorney can acquire an adjustment of status. In some cases, they may be able to request political asylum, or they may be able to attain refugee status on behalf of their client. In these instances, the process of being removed from the United States will end, and a person can gain temporary legal status.


The role of a Deportation Attorney is quite significant. It’s also worth noting deportation can be a significantly traumatic event for not only the individual going through it, but to their family as well. That’s why, if you or someone you know is facing possible removal from the United States, it may be time to speak with the Bell Law Office. This law firm has attorneys that understand the deportation system and are current with all past and present immigration laws. These attorneys can help you, your friend, or family member if they are facing expulsion or are denied entrance into the United States. Visit us for more details.


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