The Five Keys to a Quality Pool Inspection

The Five Keys to a Quality Pool Inspection

It is always a good idea to have regular pool inspections to halt a catastrophic malfunction before it even gets started. An in-depth inspection can save a lot of headache in the long run, and it can also save a ton of money in repairs to the pool, the yard, and even possibly the house.

Hiring a pool inspector is a good bet because they will be well-versed in all of the trouble spots and issues that could arise. The piece of mind gained well outweighs the cost!

The inspector will look at five key areas of your pool.

The backyard conditions and the structural elements
Your pool inspection will include checking to make sure all of the breakers leading to the pool equipment are properly labeled. He or She will also check the plumbing lines looking for holes, cracks, and leaks. The backyard will also be inspected, looking to make sure there is proper drainage of rainwater and no trees will be putting roots into your pool structure.

The equipment
All of the equipment for your pool will be given a glance. The inspector will check to make sure the pump is secured and properly wired. The filter will be checked for defects, and if the pool has a heater, it will be checked to make sure it is properly grounded and working efficiently.

The interior and exterior of the pool
The pool inspection will include assessing the interior of the pool whether it is vinyl, tile, or plaster. The inspector will make sure all is well sealed and in good working order. The exterior will also be checked. Any decking or tiled area around the pool will be inspected for defects or needed repairs.

Safety features
All of the pools required safety features will be assessed to make sure they met the local codes and ordinances. Not just those instilled by the local and state governments, but also any necessary features required by HOAs. Safety features can vary widely between counties, states, and even neighborhoods which is why it is helpful to have a professional pool inspection.

Other Accessories
Finally, the inspector will take a look at any of the added accessories like a pool cover, special LED lighting, a diving board, a slide, or an infinity edge. He or She will make sure everything is in good working order and fitted properly to the pool itself.
When it comes time to get your pool inspection, make sure to give Atlantic Leak Detection  a call!

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