The Excellent Characteristics of Plasma Rope

The Excellent Characteristics of Plasma Rope

When it comes to rigging, lives and property can be at risk if safety is overlooked. Plasma rope is rigging that provides a torque-free rope lifting solution of unparalleled strength. It can outperform steel wire rope in towing and lifting applications, and has done so for 20 years.

How the Rope Is Constructed
The ropes strands are exposed to a heating process that creates a constant heat profile through each strand cross-section. The result is that the rope’s fibers molecules begin to align in a specific way that dramatically increases fiber strength throughout each strand. Its 12×12 construction allows for the rope to be laid out in long lengths. This makes it highly flexible for bending. It’s also easy to inspect for wear and tear.

Benefits include:

  • A very strong rope for its weight
  • Has excellent internal abrasion resistance
  • Employs a manufacturing process that is patented
  • Offers excellent dimensional stability
  • Is available in long lengths
  • Contains fiber constructions (HMPE) that are advanced
  • Is splice-friendly and easy to inspect and repair

Side-by-Side Comparisons to Steel
Plasma rope has amazing qualities that allow it to perform better than steel. It provides equal, and often greater, strength for size comparisons. It’s also completely flexible, which it makes it far easier to handle than steel. There’s also far less of a risk of having the rope recoil. This makes for a far safer environment for maintenance crews. It non-corrosive construction is also a super benefit, and there’s no concern about fish hooks forming.

Plasma rope is also buoyant in water. It floats. Overall, there is no lifting hardware that provides a greater element of worker safety and comfort. Companies are more likely to realize a profit over the long run by using the rope in lifting operations.

Contracting with the Right Company
Customer looking for industrial lifting solutions should take special care in working with companies that have the experience and professionals crews to handle rigging jobs. The company should offer on-site services that include inspection, repair, and safety. The company should also be able to provide a list of excellent references. Most importantly, the company will have the proper licenses and insurances along with a stellar record of safety.

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