The Dos and Don’ts When Doing Garage Door Installation in Chicago IL


Garage doors are generally large, heavy objects that move with the help of electric motors and springs under high tension. Moving objects, electric motors and springs under high tension can cause injuries. Therefore, before embarking on Garage door installation Chicago IL, ensure that you have read the instruction manual thoroughly. Your safety and the safety of others in the working site will depend on whether you understood proper installation of garage doors. In case you do not understand the information presented in the manual or have questions, be sure to consult the nearest trained door system technician for advice. Here are the dos and don’ts.

It is not advisable to try to remove, install, repair or adjust torsion springs yourself. Working on torsion spring needs proper training and tools. Trying either removing, installing or adjusting them without skills can result in an uncontrolled release of spring forces that can cause serious injuries. Follow the manual carefully in removing a garage door that has extension springs.

Before removing the existing door, be sure all hardware components for the new door are included. If you have parts that are missing in the package, call the company from whom you bought your unit. The company may send the technicians with another door that is complete or bring you the missing parts.

Prepare yourself enough and allow enough time to do the work. It takes approximately 1-3hours to remove the existing door. A typical installation, on the other hand, takes 9-12 hours to complete. If your garage door is the only entrance in the structure, you will have no way of leaving the garage until the track is assembled and installed, which takes about 5 hours. Never reuse hardware or old tracks.

To prevent sideways movement of the tracks, install sway braces on the rear track hangers. Installation of braces helps in the stabilization of the tracks thus preventing them from spreading. If braces are not firmly stabilized, they will allow the door to fall and cause severe injury and damage.

Those are the dos and don’ts you should know before you start garage door installation. If you are looking for quality Garage door installation Chicago IL and repair services, look no further than AR-BE Garage Doors Inc. You can Click Here to contact them.

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