The Benefits of Online Legal Billing Software


Billing, especially in law offices, can prove to be a vexing task. Tracking and recording hours through an outdated, manual system takes extra time from the day. Having to make a trip to the office to enter hours into the system robs law office staff of free time. With online legal billing software, billing is much faster, easier, and more efficient. Using it provides everyone with more free time.

Never Forget to Bill for Time Again

In every law firm, there are times when bills are sent out and later found to have been incomplete. A time entry was forgotten or an expense omitted, leaving the firm to deal with unbilled funds. The law firm must often write off the expense and lose the billable time. This is something that happens too frequently and is completely unnecessary. With the right online billing software, no expenses fall through the cracks. Everything is billed correctly with ease and efficiency and is stored online for quick and effortless access.

Online Legal Billing Anytime, Anywhere

With online legal billing software programs, lawyers’ time is automatically tracked. Because a good billing package is integrated with an online calendar feature, appointments and time are automatically added to the correct client file.

All information is kept securely in the cloud and may be accessed during meetings, in the office, in court, at home, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Directly after dealing with a client matter, the data can be recorded and automatically entered into the billing file.

Time tracking functions are also integrated with the calendar and billing software. This integration keeps accurate records of time spent on each client’s case so that no time goes unbilled. It is immediately saved in the cloud for access via laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device via Internet.Make Billing Automatic

Integration with all aspects of the legal software program makes legal billing practically automatic. The system takes information that is entered during the day and disperses it to all of the necessary software functions to produce accurate, necessary billing for the office with no errors or lost expenses. Save time, money, and ensure correct billing with software created specifically for law firms.

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