The Auto Body Repair in Wichita Kansas Will Make Your Car Look New After An Accident

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Auto Body Shop

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It doesn’t matter whether your car is a new car or an older model when it is your method of transportation and it is damaged in an accident. You want it restored to its condition before the accident. Auto body repair is an art as well as a mechanical process. An experienced and fully equipped body repair shop is the place to take your car.


Auto Body Repair in Wichita Kansas replaces damaged sheet metal with OEM parts if your insurance company will pay the cost. If not, then the technicians will find quality salvage parts from a vehicle which was damaged, but the part your car requires was not damaged. The technicians can install this part on your car and it will look like new when they are finished painting it. Salvage parts are cataloged and stored for easy access. Most often, salvage parts can be located in a computer system which will provide information on the part relating to the history of the part.


The part will be made ready for applying the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corp.’s premium undercoat system and the ULTRA 7000 basecoat and clearcoat system, or a single stage paint system. Auto Body Repair in Wichita Kansas paint technicians are completely trained and certified in using this paint. Your car will have a beautiful finish that will not crack or peel or otherwise deteriorate. The technicians will create a finish that is in showroom condition.


Where necessary, spot welding will be done by highly trained technicians. Spot welding assures you that the car is safe to drive by restoring the car’s structural integrity. If the windshield needs to be replaced, then an OEM windshield will be used. The windshield performs a vital function in holding the car together in an accident. It may not do this if a load of steel falls on top of the car, but it is vital protection for the occupants in many crashes.


Repairing the damage to your car is not complete until the auto body shop has examined every part of the car for its condition which may cause reapir bills in the future. Auto Masters LLC will make sure your car leaves the shop only after a complete inspection has been performed.

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