The Advantages Of Burdick EKG Machines

The Advantages Of Burdick EKG Machines

Unlike many industries, medical equipment manufacturers tend to be limited to a few major names in most types of devices. Over the years, these manufacturers have continued to produce quality medical equipment that has earned a reputation as dependable, accurate and user-friendly.

This is certainly the case with Burdick EKG machines. You will find these devices in use as portable and cart-mounted devices in facilities as well as out of clinical or hospital settings. Additionally, this company has been able to continue to meet the increasing needs for technology onboard the equipment while still maintaining a compact size, light weight and ease of use.

The Company

The Burdick Company, originally started in 1913 by Burdick and Anderson, is an American based company operating out of Bothell, Washington. It now has offices across the world including throughout Europe, China and the United Kingdom.

In addition to different lines and models of Burdick EKG machines the company also makes defibrillators, diagnostic stations, cardiac rehab machines and stress test systems. It was also the first company to develop the software RHYTHx which could be used to analyze heart rhythms to determine any irregularities.

The Equipment

All Burdick equipment, including any of their models and options in ECG/EKG machines, is known for durability. These machines can stand up to ongoing use in ICUs, emergency rooms, cardiology labs or in patient rooms.

They offer either a manual or 12-lead rhythm operation for most models, providing the most flexibility for use. With larger screens for easy reading and prompts for the user to follow, they make a practical option that helps staff to ensure the device is used correctly each and every time. The devices are also intuitive to use and don’t require any special training to operate.

Some models even provide a built-in feature that will prevent printing of the ECG reports if the leads are not correctly attached to the patient. This prevents wasted time in printouts that will be in error and also helps to eliminate waste and provide more accurate information when time matters.

With the different options in EKG machines, it won’t be difficult to find the right match for a specific medical facility. Different models may provide wireless options and ethernet ports for easy transfer of data. Offering full compatibility and optional PC storage and retrieval capabilities on models, this is the go-to ECG machine in most hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices across the country.

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