T-Shirt Heat Transfers – Not Your Grandmother’s Iron-Ons


T-shirt heat transfers have come a long way since the Cracker Jack box. Today, they use the best transfer inks and premium coated release paper so they transfer superbly. They are bold, bright, and do not chip or peel off like the old box iron-ons.

Great for Any Job

Almost everyone likes decorating t-shirts. People have been enjoying it for years. This is a wonderful way to make an impression. Whether you want to be seen or you want everyone to know you’re part of the team, this is a fantastic way to get noticed. Your motives are irrelevant. It is entertaining to have t-shirts with designs or logos that make a statement about you or your group.

There were fewer options years ago for decorating t-shirts. You really had to think about what you wanted and what you were willing to spend. The choices were silkscreen, iron-ons, or tie die. Not a whole lot to choose from, really. Silkscreen is a very labor-intensive process. The preparation required for preparing the silkscreens, the stencils, and the painting, is all very time consuming. The process of producing the t-shirt does not take long at all. However, the clean-up process can be an exhausting ordeal. T-shirt heat transfers do not take the time that silkscreen does due to the use of computer graphics, which shaves off a significant amount of time. These are not the same iron-ons your grandmother had. You know, the ones that you put on with an iron and adhered to the t-shirt. Before you knew it they were breaking apart, disintegrating into pieces and falling off. These newer iron-ons boast vivid colors, soft feel, and best of all, they stay intact. These do not go on with a regular house iron, either. You need a commercial press for these!

Today’s T-Shirts

Today, t-shirt heat transfers are both easy to create, apply, and they even allow for some good detail in your design without being labor intensive. They also have beautiful color that holds well. They don’t crumble or fadeout the way their forerunners did. The method works by using the best transfer inks obtainable and screen printing them on premium coated release paper. This is far less messy than the old techniques. T-shirt heat transfers are easy to get in bulk and more cost effective, as well.

T-shirts have always been a fun way to express yourself, and the techniques for doing so just keep getting better all the time. Using t-shirt heat transfers are a marvelous way to get everybody together and feel like part of the whole, the sense of comradery in any situation to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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