Stay Powered With Whole House Generators in East Hampton, NY

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Air Heating & Conditioning

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Modern homes rely on a constant supply of electrical power. Appliances, heating and cooling equipment and a variety of other needs all demand electrical power. However, storms and other anomalies often result in power outages. While a short-term outage may not be serious, longer outages can create significant issues. East Hampton residents have an option available to eliminate the inconveniences caused by electrical power interruptions. Whole House Generators East Hampton NY can be installed to instantly restore power when utility generated power is not available. Contact Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning today.


In recent years, power outages lasting several days have become common in the region. Power outages lasting for extended periods mean environmental systems, freezers and refrigerators, appliances and computer systems are not usable. Food spoilage alone can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars, and the loss of heating systems can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damages when plumbing freezes. Add to this lost productivity when computers are not available, and it quickly becomes obvious that a backup generator system is a good investment.


Whole house generators are designed to provide a safe source of electrical power, minimizing the effects of power system outages. The systems are carefully matched to the needs of each client, with a variety of unit sizes available. If only a minimal system is needed, a backup system is sized to power lighting, heating, and perhaps a few appliances may be optimal. More complex systems are available to power larger homes or homes where power needs are exceptional. When health issues are an issue, for example, the whole house generator is sized to ensure that all environmental systems will function properly. Local professionals work with clients to ensure that the system meets their specific needs.


Generators are generally powered by diesel fuel or gas, and the benefits of each fuel type should be discussed when the home’s needs are being analyzed, as maintenance costs vary, and some sizes and brands of whole home generators may not be available for some fuels. Local experts like will ensure recommendations for specific generators will match the needs of each home. Homeowners considering a whole home generator should contact a professional for a home evaluation and selection of generator options that are available.

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