Some Things to Consider Before Purchasing Chair Lifts in Portsmouth

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Most properties around the United Kingdom are designed with stairs, and if you are a disabled or elderly individual, you will understand how difficult it can be climbing stairs on a daily basis. Chair lifts in Portsmouth are designed to help household members use the stairway safely and easily. Technology for these devices is constantly evolving and many come with battery back-up power, which means they can be used during a power cut!

Most chair lifts in Portsmouth will fall into two categories – straight or curved. Aside from the different designs, they are also built with a number of controls, such as wireless, fixed and remote controls. Before you start thinking about the warranty and manufacturer options, take the following things into consideration when making a purchase.

Used or New?

Don’t make the mistake of spending lots of money on new chair lifts in Portsmouth if you can’t afford it. Although they are built well and there are many up-to-date options to choose from, they are usually more costly. Used or reconditioned devices work just as well, and the cost of repairs is normally covered by warranty. When using on a temporary basis reconditioned is a good option, whereas new products will be more worthwhile if you plan on using them on a permanent basis.

Safety and Weight Considerations

No matter what your weight, the manufacturer selling chair lifts in Portsmouth will normally offer a product to suit you. Heavy duty models are designed to manage larger weight loads but might need to be custom-made, which can affect the price. Despite this, heavy duty models may be a better investment in the long-run, due to the fact they can be used to transport bulky items up and down the stairs. If you live with pets or small children, choose a stair lift that is designed with a sensor, so that you are aware of obstructions. The seat belt is also an important safety feature.

Drive Types

The drive type will depend on the shape of the staircase. Chair lifts in Portsmouth with a Rack and Pinion design will operate with the use of a gear, which will help the chair move along a rail. If you’re willing to spend some time maintaining the device with lubricant, this is a suitable option. A cheaper option is Cable, which moves along a steel cable. While Cable is affordable, the ascent/descent won’t be as smooth.

If you invest in chair lifts in Portsmouth from a company like Bentley Mobility Services, you can take advantage of 12 and 24-month manufacturer warranties. To learn more about products and installations, visit

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