Small Business SEO: SEO Guide and Advice For Small Business

Small Business SEO: SEO Guide and Advice For Small Business

Driving the maximum number of customers to your website is probably one your main aims as a business owner. Competition is fierce for people in all industries nowadays. The World Wide Web has become a necessity, with people everywhere using it to communicate, research and shop. Approximately 50 percent of Australians shop for their goods online and if you want to appeal to a bigger audience, jumping on the SEO bandwagon is essential. The higher your search engine rankings, the better the chances of making a sale and generating leads. Before you delve into the world of search engine optimisation, learn the facts.

What Is SEO?

The term “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. A methodology of tactics for increasing web visibility, broadening brand awareness and boosting conversion rates, it is essential to adopt SEO strategies if you want to overshadow competitors. When you consistently update your SEO methods, you can expect your website’s position on Bing, Google and Yahoo to elevate. This will happen as a result of search engines scanning your website for quality SEO-focused content that is as relevant as it is interesting. Quality inbound and outbound links will affect the authoritative status of your site, which is why it is important to update frequently.

How SEO Benefits Businesses

Millions of worldwide businesses rely on optimisation for good website positioning. Aside from the fact that it gives a business competitive advantage over another in its industry, SEO also has the potential to double search traffic. SEO is better known for improving customer retention, enhancing site usability and providing quantifiable results that can be tracked! With over 200 billion global searches being conducted monthly, it’s clear to see how important establishing a web presence has become in today’s digital age.

The Top Tried-and-Tested SEO Methods

Key phrase research and article strategy and development are perhaps the most well known methods. Discovering what your target audience is typing into the search engines will make it easier to attract their attention.

Methods worth testing out include:

1. Writing keyword-rich headings and tags
2. Analysing site performance
3. Creating optimised landing pages
4. Practicing your copywriting skills
5. Creating infographics
6. Making your site mobile-friendly
7. Implementing keywords used by competitors

You will also find lots of SEO software out there, but don’t rely solely on this. When you buy traffic, it won’t be unique and will therefore not be valuable to your business, so bear this in mind.

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