Sizeable Returns on Vehicle Assets through Fleet Car Auctions


When you need to dispose of fleet vehicles that are damaged, at the end of their lease, or have high mileages, a skilled remarketing company can assist you. From filing out lease termination paperwork, to de-identification, to selling vehicles on your behalf, an experienced company will handle each step involved in remarketing for you so you don’t have to. Typically, the entire remarketing process is usually fairly speedy. You’ll be kept up-to-date, and after your automobile assets have been sold, you’ll receive your return.

Hassle-Free Sales
Generally, removing and selling fleet vehicles takes very little time, depending on the experience of the company you choose. Some companies are able to sell vehicles via fleet car auctions more quickly than others, ensuring the sales process is completed in anywhere from one week to two weeks. If you’ve decided to consult an automotive remarketing company, it’s likely because you want to obtain the returns from the sales of your vehicles within a short amount of time. Partnering with a well-practiced company who is willing to work with your goals and schedule will benefit you tremendously in the long run.

Updates 24/7
Disposing of old, undesirable fleet vehicles involves a number of steps, though as stated previously, the entire process itself isn’t lengthy. Typically, vehicles are appraised, picked up/ removed, de-identified, and finally sold through fleet car auctions. Afterward, payments are provided to customers. Payments for sold vehicles can be sent in different ways, depending on your organization’s regulations. Whether you’d prefer a company check, wire transfer, payment to a lease company, or a cashier’s check, a reliable remarketing company can meet your needs.

Numerous Benefits
Regardless of where you’re located and the condition of your fleet vehicles, many remarketing organizations will assist you with automobile disposal. In addition to the convenience remarketing offers, you’ll be kept informed through your client portal, allowing you to review company reports and de-identification photos, as well as track the sale of your vehicles. Rather than overseeing the sales of your end-of-lease or under-lease fleet vehicles, you can focus your attention on other aspects of your company and still garner a significant profit.

For skilled, comprehensive vehicle remarketing services, choose Fleets USA.

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