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Tooth infections, called abscesses, can be difficult to overcome. These infections can cause severe pain and eventual tooth loss, if they are not treated promptly. When you are dealing with a tooth infection, it is imperative you see the dentist as soon as you can. Waiting for treatment can lead to ongoing damage that can be difficult to treat. This information will assist you in knowing whether or not you have a tooth infection and how the dentist will be able to treat it. The sooner you make an appointment with the Dental Office Waikoloa, the more likely your tooth can be saved.

What are the Signs You Have a Tooth Infection?

When an infection first begins in your tooth, you may not notice it right away. As the infection progresses in your tooth, it can lead to pain, pressure, swelling in your jaw, pus drainage, foul breath and eventually fever. If you notice any of these signs, you need to seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

The dentist will first begin by taking X-rays of your tooth and examining you. This will allow him or her to see how deeply your tooth is infected. If the infection is severe, you may require a root canal. This removes all of the diseased tissue and packs your tooth full of medication, so the infection can be brought under control.

Ongoing therapy is often needed for teeth that have become infected. Often, this means you taking a strong antibiotic. If you have a root canal done, the dentist will leave your tooth open, until all signs of the infection are gone. Once your tooth has been treated and is free of the infection, the dentist will fill your tooth and may put a crown in place, to further protect it.

If you are in need of treatment for an infection, contact the office of Brian S. Kubo DDS Waikola right away. They can treat you for a variety of dental health concerns and will work to make sure your smile stays healthy. Through preventative care and other treatments, you can rest assured your smile is fully cared for. Browse website for more information.

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