Saving Money With A Used Agilent Instrument


Agilent Technologies is a global company with over 50 years in providing analytical and diagnostic equipment as well as providing equipment and technology to the pharmaceutical, environmental, food manufacturing and energy industries.

Any type of refurbished or quality used Agilent instrument will be an asset to a lab or testing facility. The company is well known for their gas chromatography, iLab operations software, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography and analysis equipment such as FTIR and ICP-MS systems.

The variety in used Agilent instrument models and options on the market will vary with the in-stock options by any medical equipment refurbisher. However, top medical supply companies offering used equipment typically have the ability to work with their buyers to help to locate specific options in used Agilent instrument models that would meet your requirements.

Top Equipment and Low Prices

Agilent equipment, including the Nano HPLC, ICP-MS systems, mass spectrometers and spectrometry equipment is very costly when purchased new. By opting for a used model of any Agilent instrument, a lab can save more than half of the cost of new in many cases.

This is combined with the added efficiency, reliability and testing capabilities of this equipment makes it an ideal option even for a small lab without large equipment budget.

System Approach

With the use of Agilent Technologies components, it is possible to off a full benchtop type of system that has the ability to work with other technology and other Agilent components. This allows for more precision in testing, faster testing options and all the software and hardware to provide the level of testing required in a general or specialized lab setting.

Known for ease of use, low maintenance, and quality in all aspects of the system, the Agilent Technologies name is one everyone can have their testing facility.

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