Rodent Control in Pflugerville, TX Includes Getting Rid of House Mice

Rodent Control in Pflugerville, TX Includes Getting Rid of House Mice

Mice who make the home their habitat are typically colored gray to black, or may be brown. They leave clues that they have infested a home in the form of rod-shaped droppings that are pointed on either end.

Usually, house mice inhabit grassy or wooded spots, or build nests in locations that are dark or protected from the outside elements. They normally reside close to a food source. Professionals in rodent control in Pflugerville, TX add that the animals will feed on just about anything. However, they tend to prefer nuts and seeds in the wild.

Accessing the Warmth of a House

When temperatures begin to take a dip outside, house mice will search for a warmer abode. Because rodents do not hibernate, they often find their way inside a warm structure. Experts in rodent control state that mice can get into openings in the form of pipes, gaps underneath doors, and utility lines, to access a home.

Reproduction Is Rapid

Unfortunately, according to rodent control technicians, mice can reproduce quite rapidly. A female is able to produce as many as eight litters annually, with six pups in each litter. Baby mice are born after a 21-day pregnancy. After their birth, they explore their new home. They reach sexual maturity after only a month and start mating after six weeks.

Who to Contact

This is why it is imperative that you contact a pest control company such as Adams Termite & Pest Control if you believe mice have invaded your home. These animals are easily spotted, scrambling beside walls or running to a hiding place in the house. Mice can be destructive as they gnaw or chew on a variety of items as well.

Preventative Measures

To prevent an infestation, make sure you seal all cracks, gaps, and crevices. Use a mixing compound or cement for the job, as mice will chew through wood. Store all food in metal or glass containers and wash your dishes immediately after they are used. If you spot any signs of an infestation, contact a rodent control specialist to address the problem immediately.

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