Remove Ice from Your Car Windshield in Washington DC


Accidents can easily occur particularly while driving during the winter season. This is why it’s imperative to ensure that the road’s visibility is not compromised by ice, snow or even mist on the windshield. There are several tips that come in handy when you want to get rid of ice from your car windshield in Washington DC.

One of the most effective techniques of handling this task is by using liquid solutions. You can purchase over-the-counter chemicals for this task or mix a solution of salt and water, which is cheaper, but equally effective. The ions liquefy the ice. However, use road salt and not table salt for the desired results to be achieved. The solution should be used sparingly to avoid damaging the windshield.

Another technique is the use of heat to remove the ice. After starting your vehicle, set the air conditioner to defrost and then wait for approximately 15 minutes for the ice to melt. You may be required to wait for a longer time period if the ice is thicker. Afterwards, you’ll be able to scrape off the ice effortlessly. Do not use metallic items while scrapping because they may cause cuts and scratches.

It’s best to take proactive measures.
1. Spray your windshield with a coat of water and vinegar solution. The ratio of water to vinegar should be 1:3. Bear in mind that vinegar has corrosive properties so a heavier coat can cause blemishes on the windshield. You can also purchase ice-preventing agents if you have a few dollars to spare.

2. Lay a piece of cloth that has been soaked in saltwater on the windshield throughout the night. This will prevent ice from sticking onto the glass. The cloth must not be dripping wet but just damp.

3. A tarp protects a vehicle from ice, snow, rain, sun, dust, and other elements. Adopt the habit of covering your vehicle when you are not driving it.

In general, impatience is ill-advised. To prolong the life of your car windshield in Washington DC while maintaining road safety, never drive off without removing the ice. If you do have problems with cracks or other damage to your windshield, you can contact Beltway Auto & Place Glass for assistance.

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