Reasons Hiring Professionals is Best for Quality Furnace Repair Work

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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One of the most common issues that homeowners can have with the heating system in their home is when the heater does not produce heated air. While sometimes air may still be coming through the vents in the home, if it is not warm, it is often of little use. When this type of situation occurs, it can be a good idea for the homeowner to contact a company that offers Quality Furnace Repair to inspect the problem.

Often one of the main reasons why a heating system will not produce heat is due to issues with the burner. If the burner is not being lit by the pilot light or all the tubes on the burner are not igniting or staying lit, this will cause the unit to be unable to heat the air before it is distributed into the home. While most homeowners may know how to check the pilot light to ensure it is lit, they will generally need the help of a trained professional to deal with the other issues.

Another reason that may be causing a lack of heat in the home is a dirty air filter on the blower section of the system. Most units have a small compartment on the blower where the air filter is kept. The air filter is used to trap dirt, hair and other particles before they enter the blower on the unit. The filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. If it is not, it will not only block dirt, but air as well. This can result in air being heated, but not making it into the home. Switching out the filter generally is easily done, by sliding out the old unit and replacing it with one of the same size.

Finally, the thermostat on the system may not be calibrated correctly. Since most thermostats today are digital, resetting the thermostat can be a bit complex. However, most technicians can handle this task easily and quickly. In addition, if the thermostat needs replacement, they will be able to handle this as well.

When a heater is not producing heated air in a home, it can become a problem for all those living in the home. By contacting a professional, a homeowner can ensure the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. For more information, please contact Burgeson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.

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