Realty Property Management in Fresno – The Difficulties of Being Fair-Housing Compliant


Compliance with the “Fair Housing” regulation is a big deal. It can thrust a perfectly well-meaning property owner into unexpected legal trouble. The laws and rules seem to change frequently, and this means realty property management in Fresno should include extensive knowledge of what the rules stipulate at any given time. Without careful consideration, you could find that inadvertent breeches in compliance can and will happen.

Avoiding the Feel of Discriminatory Behavior

If a person generally feels as if you are treating them fairly, there are no issues. Many times complaints are made based more on perceptions than fact. You can fight it and win if you truly are in compliance, but the hassles and expense can be enormous. It is best to follow the rules and give everyone that applies for a rental a fair chance. If they feel they have been slighted or are being denied due to discrimination of any sort, it can spell legal problems.

Application Etiquette

As a property owner you have to be careful about what information you ask for on a rental application. Things such as age, race and religious beliefs are a no-no, as they have no real bearing on being a qualified renter. If it is an adult-only complex then there are ways that you can request age that are not discriminatory, but make sure you follow the guidelines exactly. Realty property management in Fresno has to abide by all the rules of fair housing compliance and cannot pick and choose. The basics of fairness insist that if you have two equally qualified candidates for tenancy, the one who applied first gets approved. There should never be an exception.

Advertising Landmines

There are specific rules that have to be followed when it comes to advertising and marketing your properties. There is software available that a professional realty property management in Fresno company can use to help make sure you are in compliance when it comes to publicly advertising your available properties. You do not want to make a big mistake coming right out of the starting gate.

Staying Current

Changes are constantly being made to the Fair Housing rules and regulations, and it is your responsibility as a property owner to stay on top of it and in compliance. You should always frequent current information to be knowledgeable, even if you employ the services of realty property management in Fresno professionals. You never want to feel that you are blindsided by new information or rules.

Even though the rules and regulations with “fair housing” can seem lengthy, they have been put in place as an ongoing effort to avoid instances of discrimination. Staying knowledgeable about the current rules is the best way to avoid an accidental breech and retain the reputation of a fair and equal opportunity property owner.

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