Questions and Answers About An Emergency Vet Hospital In San Diego

Questions and Answers About An Emergency Vet Hospital In San Diego

When animals have a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment, they can’t wait for days to see a veterinarian. When individuals bring their pet to an urgent care clinic, a veterinarian will be able to treat the animal right away. Pet owners should read the questions and answers below to learn necessary information about an emergency Vet Hospital in San Diego.

What are emergency pet clinics and why are they necessary?

Emergency pet clinics are facilities that specialize in emergency treatment and urgent care for animals. These veterinary hospitals are typically open in the evenings, overnight and on the weekends when regular vet clinics are closed. Pets can get hurt or become ill at any time of the day or night so that’s why it’s important to have an emergency clinic in the area.

Vet hospitals that treat emergencies have diagnostic testing equipment so that tests can be performed on the premises. This is very important when an animal must receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Waiting on the results of a test from a laboratory can take days and pets that need urgent care can’t wait that long.

What types of treatments are available at an emergency pet clinic?

Pet clinics that specialize in emergency care can offer treatment for various medical conditions including wounds, trauma stabilization, poisoning, seizures and pain. Trained veterinarians can also perform emergency surgery whenever necessary.

Specialty services that are common at an urgent care center include blood and plasma transfusions, and endoscopy and esophageal tube placement. Emergency care centers also provide intensive care units for animals who need full time nursing care.

What types of animal emergencies require a visit to an urgent care center?

There are many types of emergencies that require immediate treatment and care by a trained veterinarian. These include snake bites, the ingestion of toxins, broken bones, bloody diarrhea, breathing problems and choking. When an animal is displaying any type of distress or health issue, individuals should contact an emergency Vet Hospital in San Diego immediately.

Pet owners in San Diego who need to get their pet to an emergency facility for care and treatment can visit The Animal Emergency Clinic Of San Diego. Individuals can read about the available services at this clinic by visiting Animalemergencysd.com.

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