Protect Your Intellectual Property with the Copyright Registration Law


Many people confuse patents and copyrights.  Unlike patents, a copyright protects “original works of authorship,” according to US law.  A copyright protects books, music and other creative works.

What is a copyright?
1. A copyright is intended to prevent someone else from copying someone else’s work without their consent.  This protection also applies to performing another’s work without the author’s permission.

2. What happens it the artistic work is not protected by the Copyright Registration Law?

3. Unprotected material can be used by anyone at any time without the author’s permission.  Spending valuable time creating a work of art and then leaving it unprotected by a copyright would seem unlikely, but it happens.

4. What are the advantages of registering a copyright?

5. The copyright establishes that the copyright holder owns the material.

6. The copyright holder has the right to sue anyone who infringes on the copyright in federal court.

7. Within 5 years of publication, the copyright holder can seek both attorney’s fees and statutory damages.  Without the copyright protection, the creator of the work is only allowed to pursue the infringer for actual damages and profits made from the material.  Proving this can be very difficult.

8. The copyright owner can record the registration of the copyright with US Customs.  This is intended to protect the owner against those who illegally copy the material and bring it inside the US.

Edward L White PC Attorney At Law focuses on providing legal representation in the areas of intellectual property to residents of Oklahoma and surrounding states.  The attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed by their clients in the complicated and specialized legal area.  They are committed to ensuring that their clients are protected from and compensated fairly for infringements of the Copyright Registration Law.  The firm also specializs in patent searches and patent prosecution and trademarks.  In addition, they handle cases involving oil and gas royaltis and class action suits.Anyone who believes that their unique intellectual property is being unfairly and illegally used for the benefit of another should contact this firm to discuss the available options.  Don’t let someone else take advantage of your hard work and creativity.

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