Protect Your Home or Business Using Fences in Twin Cities, MN

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Protecting your property is serious business that can require some heavy duty tools. The most common instrument for this purpose is Fences. This method of property protection has been around for centuries, and is actually a variation of the old stone walls that protected the cities and towns that people lived in. Unfortunately, building a stone wall around your place can be cost prohibitive, so most home and business owners search for other options.

One of the choices for Fences in Twin Cities MN, is the wooden slat. This is a common fence product that is usually made from cedar or other rot-resistant wood. Slat fences became popular during the subdivision boom of the mid twentieth century because they provide a low cost fencing material. However, wood slats don’t always age well and the wood will get weather stained, warped or twisted.

An alternative for many fencing materials is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which provides an extremely durable fencing product. PVC has the advantage of the color being part of the resin, so the fence will never need to be painted. In fact, the most maintenance the fence should require is an occasional cleaning with soap and water. One Benefit To Pvc Fences In Twin Cities Mn, is the variety of styles available. Because PVC is so easily shaped and molded, you can get your fence to resemble almost any fencing product available. Exceptions include stone and chain link for obvious reasons. Some of the most common PVC fencing options include the picket fence and alternatives to the slat based wood fence. Usually, the latter option comes in panels.

When it comes to protection, few fencing products are more common than chain link. This is because chain link uses galvanized metal for the fence posts, railing, gates and linked mesh. Chain link has the advantage of easy installation and portability which is why it is chosen by so many construction contractors. Because the fence is stretched across the fence posts and secured to the railings it takes very little to install. This is much different than most wood fences that require the fencing to be nailed or screwed to the posts.

Alternatives to these products include wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing and variations of these such as stone supports with wood or wrought iron between them. Which one you choose will depend on the look and security you need.

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