Professional Carpet Cleaning in Meridian, ID offers Many Health Benefits

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Business Services|Cleaning

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One may think that as long as their carpets look clean, they don’t need to have them cleaned. Even when carpets don’t look dirty, one might be surprised to learn just how much dirt is trapped in the carpet fibers. When there are carpets in a home, unless they are properly cleaned on a regular basis, there is always the chance that there are going to be lots of allergens in the home as well. So, not only can cleaning carpets make them last longer, it can also provide a number of health benefits for everyone in the home. It is especially important that anyone with breathing problems be sure to clean their carpets frequently. This means that they should clean them at least twice a week themselves, as well as have annual professional carpet cleaning.


When carpets are cleaned regularly, it helps to rid them of pollutants that are trapped in the fibers. There are many indoor pollutants that can be hiding in a carpet. These include dust, dirt, and pet dander. When these particles are in the carpeting, toxic gases can also be trapped, and they are released simply by someone walking across the carpet. Having regular professional Carpet Cleaning in Meridian, ID can help to eliminate this problem, and remove many allergens and pollutants from the home.


Many people don’t realize that they may have dust mites in their homes. They are microscopic, so it is impossible to see them. The mites leave droppings in the carpets, and these are huge allergens as they can easily be inhaled and one doesn’t even know they are inhaling them. Anyone who has allergies will find that they have worse symptoms because of this. To get rid of dust mites, carpets must be cleaned at high temperatures. Usually, this involves steam cleaning.


If there is a lot of humidity in the home, Carpet Cleaning in Meridian can help keep mold from growing. This is especially important when there are carpets in high traffic areas in the home. Areas that need extra attention are entryways where people are coming in with wet footwear. Servicemaster Clean offers carpet cleaning services that will help eliminate allergens from the home.

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