Montgomery County Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Help Select the Roof That Will Keep Your Building Cool


The most important characteristic of a commercial roofing system is its emissivity factor, or its ability to reflect heat in the summer months. Every commercial roofing material has an emissivity rating, and in percentage terms 85 Percent or higher is the best rating. This characteristic reduces the cooling requirements in the building and the need for electricity is lessened. Montgomery County Commercial Roofing can arrange for the installation of the highest emissivity rating roofing.

Two types of commercial roofing are among the very best roofing materials. The high emissivity Duro-Last roofing system is engineered to reduce energy consumption up to 40 percent over regular roofing. Duro-Last will improve insulation capability to protect against winter heat loss and summer heat gain in the building. The Duro-Last system won’t peel, crack or wear away.

Duro-Last is a prefabricated system custom made for each roof with 85 percent of the fabrication finished in a factory eliminating a large part of the cost of labour. Most of the seams are heat sealed at the plant. The roofing material is pre-cut for the openings in the roof and to wrap up at the edges. Duro-Last is also self adhering at the roof edges on flat roofs. The Duro-Last is designed to withstand harsh weather including hail. Its durability is a feature that preserves the longevity of the material.

The TPO roofing system is self adhering and ready to install when it arrives from the factory. Installation involves just peeling and sticking. No VOCs, asphalt or solvents are required. It’s also a good material for re-roofing and smaller applications where a fast installation is required. TPO comes with a factory application of adhesives which means you will have a uniform coat of adhesive for consistent and complete bonding.

Most TPO material is available with a choice of two seam sealing methods. One is heat-welded, and the other method is the self-adhering Rapid Seam.™ Both methods eliminate using adhesives. Solvent based seam sealing material can be used, but this method is not as efficient as the other two methods.

A “cool roof” is an important criteria for selecting roofing material because a new roof should lower the electric bill and keep the building cooler. The Montgomery County Commercial Roofing technicians can advise you on the cooling capabilities of each roof. Visit us today!

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