Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With A Front Wheel Hub Assembly


When you replace the front wheel hub assembly, certain errors should be prevented. They’re easy to do and create a lot of re-work responsibilities. Likewise, it can cause your customers severe inconvenience. Therefore, it’s usually best to prevent these problems before they arise by ensuring that you don’t make these three mistakes.

Don’t Test Them

Before you replace them, it’s best to check the hubs thoroughly. Likewise, once you have replaced them, you should check them again. Once installed, many things can go wrong, both during and after installation. Before you put all the components back together and place them back on the vehicle, it’s best to perform tests directly to the hubs that have been replaced. For example, you can use your hands to rotate the unit and use measuring tools to detect any variations in rotation.

Don’t Torque The Units

It is essential to tighten the hubs after performing a front wheel hub assembly replacement. The amount of torque you use can affect the performance of the unit later. While some technicians don’t use a torque wrench to ensure that everything is tight and fits properly, you shouldn’t be one of them. While it may seem like an unnecessary step, especially if you’re stressed or busy, it can prevent customers from having to return later.

Don’t Use Quality Parts

Stock and inventory are essential things for any shop, and many prefer to use lower quality options that are less expensive to purchase and store. While it can be tempting, you shouldn’t try to keep poor quality supplies because it could mean your customers get hurt and must come back for more repairs. Instead, use a high-quality front wheel hub assembly to ensure that your clients and your reputation remain safe and intact.

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