Making Plans for a Kitchen Remodeling


Once the mortgage is paid in full, it is not unusual for a homeowner to start thinking about making some changes to one or more rooms.  For example, the owner may decide that the time has come for a little Kitchen Remodeling.  Before any work commences, it helps to consider a few aspects of the project in advance.  Doing so will make it much easier to work with contractor to project the cost, and ensure that the expense is kept within the owner’s budget.

What Stays and What Goes? One of the first decisions to make is to determine what will stay and what will go.  In some cases, Kitchen Remodeling will involve ripping out everything to the bare walls and starting from scratch.  At other times, the owner may be perfectly happy with the size, style, and placement of cabinetry, but would like to make changes such as new counter tops and maybe adding a matching cabinet along a blank wall.  As part of the process, take the time to make a decision about each aspect of the space.

Do the current appliances go or stay?  Will the cabinets get a facelift or be replaced entirely?  Even factors like whether or not to keep the current sink and fixtures must be addressed.  Getting Quotes for the Remodeling, once the owner has a good idea of what he or she wants done with the space, the time has arrived to talk with a contractor.  During the discussion, provide a list of what elements will remain, and which ones should be removed or replaced.  Discuss issues like wall color, including the use of wallpaper in one or more sections.  By the time the first meeting is over, there should be no doubt about the amount of work involved in making the upgrades and changes that the owner has in mind.

After checking prices for materials and other elements, the experts at Guedes Construction Inc. will provide the homeowner with a quotation that encompasses every aspect of the remodeling project.  Assuming that the owner is satisfied with that quote, he or she can work with the contractor to set a start date for the work.  In a matter of days, the old kitchen will be history and the new kitchen will be completed and fully equipped to provide both function and style for many years to come.


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