Learn More About Dental Root Canals in Keizer OR


If you have been told you need a root canal, you may feel a little nervous about the procedure. Perhaps you have heard family or friends talking about their ordeals with the procedure and now you are shying away from having it done. A root canal is a fairly straightforward procedure that is carried out when a tooth’s structure has become compromised and the tooth is at risk for death. This often happens when your tooth has a severe infection, is decayed or becomes damaged. Root canals are performed to help patients avoid the need for a tooth extraction. If you are in need of dental Root Canals Keizer OR, this information can help to prepare you for your procedure.

What Can You Expect From a Root Canal Procedure?

If you are in need of dental Root Canals Keizer OR, your dentist will first numb the area of your tooth. This is done so you will feel no pain during your procedure or after. First, the dentist will make an opening in your tooth. The opening is typically created at the very top of your tooth, so the dentist has full access to all of the inner structures of your tooth. This allows the decayed, infected and damaged areas to be removed. During this process, the dentist removes all of the pulp of your tooth, along with the nerve.

Nerve removal is carried out during dental Root Canals Keizer OR because the nerve is often irritated and inflamed. Removing the nerve does not affect the function of your tooth. With the nerve no longer in place, you will not feel pain and irritation from your tooth.

Once all of the inner tissues have been removed, the dentist will use special tools, called canal files. Canal files are specifically created to scrape down the inside of your roots, so there is no sign of decay, infection or tissue left behind.

When the dentist has finished the procedure, your tooth will be filled, so it is fully protected from food particles and further damage. If you are in need of dental Root Canals Keizer OR, visit Sitename. They can help you to keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

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