Lawn Care Tips


For your lawn to be fresh, lush, and green all the year round, you must think of creative ways of caring for it so that it is ever in the best shape. It is necessary to pay much attention to its care than ever before and watering it often is part of that care especially in times of drought or when the rains have been delayed. Adding of nutrients to your lawn is also ideal for a good look, and eventually doing top dressing with the right fertilizers or organic manures.

Maintenance In Dry Weather:

During the dry spell the grass no longer is as green as normal, the breakage process starts, and it’s just a matter of time until soil fills your lawn. Grass doesn’t grow in hot weather conditions when there is no rain so in this kind of weather you need to water your lawn more often, watering can be done using the rotating sprinkler method for an even a spread of water to cover the lawn. It’s ideal to do your watering in the morning and later at evening as this is necessary for good uptake and control of evaporation; your lawn care will be enhanced.

The soil Type:

Depending on the type of soil your lawn is grown on, watering can be regulated accordingly. Loamy soil is a good type of soil with a uniform uptake of nutrients and water and just by adding some nutrients like organic manure or fertilizer to your soil, your lawn can become ever green and lush. Watering can be done for instance once a week for a clay type of soil then thrice for sandy soil. Just twice is needed for loamy soil since the uptake differs depending on soil type, sandy soil loses moisture fast hence frequent watering is ideal, loamy soil retains moisture averagely while clay is often waterlogged easily. These lawn care basics can assist you in keeping your grass lush.

Prevent Diseases And Pests:

Preventing pests and diseases can be done for the lawn by taking certain precautionary measures. Doing your mowing regularly or in the right time you can prevent some diseases. When considering lawn care, it is important to note that when you mow the lawn on time, the bad grass is eliminated which helps in keeping pests or diseases under control. The process also helps to regulate excess build up of spores and fungus on the grass. Try to avoiding overfeeding your lawn with nitrogen rich substances during fall season since nitrogen will encourage your lawn to grow long grass during such times of the year. Such growth encourages mold, and many fungal attacks and these precautions will offer you a good lawn care practices.

Regular Maintenance:

Regularly activities for good lawn care includes inspecting the lawn to see whether it has developed a problem, repairing of broken portions, and using the right tools to carry out the right exercises like gardening forks, trowels and spades. Your lawn will look good year round by practicing the best lawn care procedures.

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