Keep Your Motor Running with These Top Maintenance Tips


Because your car’s engine is what makes it useful, it makes sense that engine repair and maintenance is important. After all, a car without an engine is little more than an overgrown paperweight. Proactively avoiding the need for repair by performing regular upkeep is the best way to keep your engine in good running order. Follow these simple maintenance tips, and treat your car’s engine like the superstar it is.

Change Your Oil on Schedule

Not only does the oil in your car’s engine keep it well-lubricated, it also helps your car maintain proper temperature. Waiting too long to change your car’s oil or doing so improperly can cause permanent damage to your engine. Don’t forget to change the oil filter, too! If you need help with this task or with choosing the right oil for your engine, consult a professional for guidance.

Keep it Cool

Maintaining proper coolant levels in your vehicle will not only keep your car cool enough to run properly, it will avoid lasting damage to your vehicle caused by overheating.

Let it Breathe

Make sure your engine’s air filter is clean and properly functioning. This allows for the proper flow of air through the engine, a key component in overall function. When dirt and debris becomes lodged in the filter, it needs replaced to ensure this function continues Check your air filter when you check coolant and oil levels in order to remember to do so regularly.

Always Look for Leaks

The ground beneath your car can tell you a lot about the health of your engine. Look for oil spots, coolant leaks and other signs that your car is in trouble, and perform necessary maintenance promptly.

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