Keep the Interior of Your Home Beautiful With Quality Carpet Cleaning

by | Jun 19, 2014 | business services

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For many people their home is a showcase and keeping it looking just right is very important to them. To that end they are always cleaning and polishing the things they own to ensure everything looks great. Unfortunately, one of the hardest things to clean properly in any home is the carpet. Sure, you can clean the surface of the carpet using lightweight cleaning systems or you can make it look a little better using powders or foams, but these methods of Carpet Cleaning usually just pack the dirt further into the carpet fibers making them even harder to clean later on.

Carpet Cleaning has evolved over time with early cleaning methods relying on lots of water and chemical shampoos. Often these harsh chemicals caused deterioration in the carpets making things fall apart later on. For example, some shampoos were tough on the glues used to hold the carpet fibers to the matting or they would soak into the underlying mat which separated the carpet from the floor. Higher end carpets and rugs which were hand woven would recommend cleaning the carpet with a mild soap and very little water then allowing it to dry.

Modern methods of cleaning use what is termed as steam cleaning. This is a bit of a misnomer since the carpet is actually cleaned with a light spray of heated water and a high pressure vacuum to pull out any loose dirt. The main benefits to this method of cleaning is deep down removal of dirt and a very quick drying time. Other benefits include little or no chemicals used in the cleaning process and reduced stress on the carpet which can actually increase the working life of the carpet. In fact, hot water cleaning is almost exclusively recommended by all new carpet manufacturers.

Older carpets are a bit tougher to clean and they may require a specialist to inspect them before the process begins. It is also important to inquire about any steps the cleaning company requires before the process begins. For instance, some companies require the homeowner to vacuum the floor before they begin cleaning. Most companies will move furniture out of the way, but it is certainly something you should know about before the cleaning service visits your house. To learn more about quality cleaning contact an expert like Red Mountain Carpet and Tile.

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