Items To Discuss With A Concrete Contractor


Concrete in its liquid form can be shaped and worked into many different types of platforms. These different platforms depend on what the concrete is going to be used for. Customization of the forms is required for the projects because each one is different. These are some of the items to discuss with the contractor before the day of the pour.

One of the items to discuss with the Concrete Contractor is the use of the platform. This will make a big difference in the amount of concrete needed and the thickness of the forms. For example, a concrete slab for a garage will need a thicker base than one for a basketball court. A driveway will need to be thick enough to accommodate the weight of cars. Specifications have to be met depending on the code and what it is used for.

Another item to discuss with the contractors is the type of surface wanted for the concrete. This is more than just an aesthetic choice. Concrete can be turned into an extremely smooth surface when it is leveled out. Surfaces such as driveways do need a rougher texture to provide some grip to car tires when it is wet. Some texture can be added to patios to help prevent from slippage. There are many different ways to add texture to the surface of the concrete.

Take a minute to also discuss the color of with the Concrete Contractor. The color is applied via stain when the concrete is in the drying process. The color is usually applied in layers until the desired tint is achieved. Color can also be mixed with a sealant if extra protection from water is needed. Keep in mind that it is difficult to change the color after application. Since this mainly an aesthetic choice, compare the color samples as in the same manner as paint or stain samples.

Concrete is a versatile surface that can be transformed into many different platforms. The designated use of the concrete will determine the shape and size of the platform. The use may also determine what type of surface is needed. Finally, take the time to pick out a color. Check out website for more information. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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