Is it Painful to Do an Endoscopy?


If you are going in to have your first endoscopy, you probably wonder if you can expect pain or discomfort from the procedure. The good news that we can give you is that this procedure is traditionally not painful for most patients. There may be some discomfort, but in most cases, this will be minimal.

When having an endoscopy, you will be laying on a table on your side or back. Your doctor will explain to you which position should be used. In most cases, this will be followed by having monitors attached to your body. This lets the team monitor your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure throughout the procedure.

At this time, you will be given anesthesia. This will be given through a vein and will help you sleep while the procedure happens. In some cases, your doctor may also give you a spray anesthetic that will numb your throat, so it is easier to pass the endoscope. After this is complete, the endoscope will be passed down your throat. You will not feel anything at all.

Your breathing will not be affected by the endoscope.  After the scope has been passed down your esophagus, your will look for any abnormalities using a small camera on the scope.  The doctor may also apply gentle air pressure that inflates your digestive tract. This will make examining your gastrointestinal tract more accessible for the doctor. Finally, the doctor may use special tools to remove polyps or collect tissue samples.

Once this is complete, the doctor will slowly remove the endoscope. You will then be moved to a recovery room. This may take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. At that time, you will be allowed to go home but likely will need someone to drive you.

At Digestive Disease Consultants in Jacksonville, skilled medical professionals are available to provide your endoscopy or other procedure. The staff treats many conditions related to the digestive system. If you would like to contact them, you can do so through the contact page on their website. You can also call the office at 904-388-8686 to speak with a friendly member of the staff.

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