Improve Your Smile Using Veneers in Salem OR


When it comes to meeting and dealing with people your smile is one of the best tools you have. This is why it is important to ensure that smile is the best it can be. If you have problems with your teeth such as misshapen teeth or badly stained teeth then you may wish to consider veneers in Salem OR. Veneers are one of the easiest ways to cover these types of problems and can be the quickest way to a bright and beautiful smile. Of course, veneers aren’t for everyone so be sure to discuss them thoroughly with your dentist.

All veneers in Salem OR are a tooth colored shell placed over the front teeth. They are primarily a cosmetic device used to cover broken or chipped teeth, partially damaged teeth, badly stained teeth and several other dental problems. The shell is typically made from porcelain so it provides a durable material that can handle the rigors of everyday eating. Once the veneers are shaped and fit to your teeth they are secured with special adhesives designed for just this purpose. This makes the veneer easy to apply and easy to repair.

Originally, veneers in Salem OR took a lot of work to fit in place. Dentists would have to trim away at the existing teeth to make room for the thicker veneer shells. Unfortunately, this ruined the underlying teeth and made the results difficult to predict. In some cases the veneers eventually required an alternative such as bridges or dentures to remedy the problem. Modern veneers eliminate this situation by using tough, thin shells that require little to no removal of existing tooth enamel.

There are many ways that you can improve your smile, but for a lot of people using veneers in Salem OR is the perfect solution to a number of dental problems. For instance, when a person has already had some dental work which makes tooth whitening difficult they may need to have veneers applied to cover the problem. Veneers can also be a solution whenever your teeth are slightly crooked and other dental options aren’t effective. In many cases today’s veneers are the best and quickest way to eliminate many dental difficulties.

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