How to Regain Your Smile with Teeth Whitening In Amarillo, Texas

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Dentist

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Boldsmiles.comEveryone likes having that perfect smile. However, issues such as smoking, taking too many dark colored drinks and poor dental hygiene lead to teeth losing their color. However, the fact that your teeth seem to be a little bit discolored shouldn’t be the reason you do not smile. You can choose to improve the way your teeth look with teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas. Here are a few tips and guidelines that are helpful.


Self whitening versus the dentists


Most people cannot seem to decide between getting a dentist’s assistance for teeth whitening and doing it themselves. The advantages of getting assistance from a dentist are as follows:


1. You will be able to notice a change with as little as one visit.
2. The dentist will know the bleaches that are safe to use and avoid those that aren’t.
3. The dentist will not do anything that may cause inflammation to your gums, cheeks or other mouth tissue.
4. In case the conventional bleaching doesn’t seem to be working, the dentist will use other methods such as micro-abrasions to clean out the really tough stains.


In short, having the procedure done at the dentist is safer and more effective.


The dangers of using over the counter bleaches


Normally, over the counter bleaches contain hydrogen peroxide. Many people think that whitening at home is a great way to save cash, but there are some side effects that you ought to think about.


1. When you make it a habit to overuse over the counter bleaches, your teeth become hypersensitive. This means that self-bleaching weakens your teeth.
2. Excessive bleaching will also lead to the formation of a permanent bluish hue on your teeth. This means that the teeth will attain an unnatural color that is almost impossible to get rid of.


These are the things that you need to have in mind when you are choosing between doing it yourself and getting dental healthcare professionals to help. If you need more information about getting great tooth whitening or if you need to hire a dentist for teeth whitening in Amarillo, Texas, you can do so by visiting

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