How to Keep Wildlife Away from Your Home


Texas residents know all too well the myriad of wildlife that exist in this region. While these animals are a splendor to observe from a distance, they can be a nuisance if they’ve called your home theirs.

How to Avoid Needing an Exterminator in Fort Worth

Here are some quick tips from Wildlife X Team International for preventing an animal infestation:

•  Caulking – Cracks and crevices on the interior and exterior of the home are essential for preventing both pests and wildlife. The fewer entry points that exist, the more difficult it will be to burrow their way inside or even make a nest under roofs, doors, attics and other areas. Upkeep should be done diligently throughout the year as a measure to prevent wildlife and pests.
•  Garbage Disposal – Keep a tight lid on garbage and tie all bags when throwing the trash outside. Waste management control in your locale should enforce weekly.
•  Roofing – Fixing broken or missing roofing tiles will maintain the home’s value, as well as keep pests and small wildlife out. When it comes to this area, experts also recommend trimming overhanging limbs that can give easy access. To prevent birds and squirrels, wires can be applied, as well as popular hardware cloth. A professional exterminator in Fort Worth can help with these measures and more.
•  The Chimney – This should be covered with galvanized steel to prevent entry. Birds and squirrels are especially attracted to this area.
•  Fences – These should be built around gardens or fruit trees that can attract bigger wildlife.
•  Pets – Dogs and cats are popular and are easy ways to keep certain wildlife out of your yard.

The prevention methods are largely based on the type of wildlife you want to deter. When multiple types of wildlife or swarms of rodents or insects have infested the home, a professional exterminator in Fort Worth, such as Wildlife X Team, can inspect for entry points and infestations that may be hidden. In addition, safe removal services are offered, while keeping occupants in the home safe.

Never Trap Wildlife Yourself

Homeowners should never attempt to trap wildlife on their own. Animals can become especially aggressive, as well as host diseases that can be fatal to humans.

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