How To Decide Between Vinyl Or Ceramic Tile Floors In A Room

How To Decide Between Vinyl Or Ceramic Tile Floors In A Room

Flooring is an important design aspect in every room of the house. Not only does a beautiful floor add to the aesthetic appeal of a space, but it should also offer function. When it comes to tile flooring options, many people find themselves choosing between vinyl and ceramic Tile Floors. There are benefits to each material, and it is important to understand how each type will work in a specific room.

The Ease of Vinyl

For many decades, vinyl tiles were the go-to material for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. This material is simple to install and relatively easy to maintain. Vinyl flooring is flexible and easy to cut. This makes it an ideal choice for rooms that are oddly shaped. Vinyl tiles must be glued into place with a special adhesive. However, some manufacturers include the glue on the backside of each piece, making it easy to place and stick the tiles.

Vinyl is sold in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures. There really is something for everyone. Vinyl also tends to be more affordable than stone or ceramic. This is ideal for homeowners who want the ability to frequently change the flooring in their home, without going over budget. Caring for vinyl is also simple. Vinyl tiles are water resistant, and it is safe to use most cleaning products on the material.

Long-Lasting Ceramic

Ceramic is also very popular with homeowners. This material is more expensive than vinyl; however, ceramic Tile Floors tend to outlast vinyl when it comes to performance. Installing ceramic tiles takes a bit more skill. Since the material is very hard, it must be cut with special equipment, such as a wet saw or tile trimmer. Most home improvement stores have these cutting tools available for rent.

Once ceramic is installed, it can last several decades without fail. Staining can be easily removed by thoroughly mopping or scrubbing the area. It’s easy to sweep away large debris from the slick surface. Unlike vinyl, however, ceramic tiles are prone to cracking. Ceramic floors may also add more value to a home than vinyl. It is a great material for high traffic rooms.

Both vinyl and ceramic are excellent flooring options for rooms of all sizes. Elitecarpetca.com offers a wide variety of both materials to homeowners who want to renovate their space. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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