How Often Should Your Child See the Pediatric Dentist in Clifton Park NY?

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Dentist

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Most parents are deeply concerned about their child’s oral health. You want to ensure your child has a healthy smile, so you do all you can to keep the cavities away. Though you do your part at home, by brushing and flossing your child’s teeth, it is also imperative your child sees the Pediatric Dentist Clifton Park NY. Through regular dental visits, the health of your child’s teeth and gums can be monitored and protected, so they do not begin suffering from cavities and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. Knowing how often to see the dentist is crucial for your child’s oral care.


Tips for Getting the Most From Dental Visits


Most dentists recommend their patients begin being seen around the age of one or when they cut their first tooth. Dental appointments should be carried out every six months, depending on the health of your child’s smile. In some cases, the dentist may prefer your child to be seen more often. In recent studies, dentists have found patients who are seen as many as four times a year can greatly benefit and see increased oral health. Your child’s dentist will be able to give you information on how often they should be seen, to ensure their oral health is properly cared for.


At your child’s appointment with the Pediatric Dentist Clifton Park NY, it is important for you to voice any concerns you may have. Your dentist is there to care for your child’s teeth and assist you in understanding any dental concerns your child may have. If there are any aspects of care you do not understand, make sure you ask questions. This will ensure you and your child’s dentist are working together, to ensure the health of your child’s smile.


Taking care of your child’s teeth and gums begins at home. Proper oral care should begin before your child cuts their first tooth. To learn more about dental health for your child, visit the website at They will work with you, to ensure your child’s smile stays healthy, strong and free of cavities and gum disease.

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