How Couples Can Find a Surrogate in California

How Couples Can Find a Surrogate in California

Surrogacy is just one of several options for couples who cannot conceive their own children. While adoption is another choice, many people want to feel connected with their children and use their own sperm or eggs. Surrogacy is a way to harvest sperm from the husband to implant in a carrier. The carrier may use her own eggs or have eggs harvested from the wife.

If you are interested in finding a surrogate mother in California, you have made a big decision and have a lot of work ahead of you. This is a great and momentous event in your life, and you should work hard to find the appropriate person, whether on your own or through an agency.

State Laws

Before considering surrogacy in California, it is important to know the laws. California is considered a surrogacy-friendly state, meaning that you are allowed to use a surrogate mother for the birth of your child.

Commercial and altruistic surrogacy is available. If a family member agrees to carry a child, altruistic surrogacy may be an option. Otherwise, you and your husband will likely be expected to pay another woman for her to carry your child. She will be available for the procedures necessary and take the appropriate vitamins. In some cases, you will also be required to pay medical expenses if the surrogate’s insurance does not cover something.

Find a Surrogate on Your Own

One option is to find your own surrogate. This can be a lengthy process and will require the use of contracts and legal counsel. Unless you already have a very close friend or family member in mind, you will likely find it nearly impossible to locate a suitable person on your own and may need to turn to a surrogacy agency.

Use an Agency

Contact several California agencies and find out as much information as possible. Before going too far into the process of finding a surrogate, consider whether you want traditional or gestational surrogacy.

Select an agency that offers many different surrogate profiles and allows you to select the one you want. You will also want to select an agency that allows the surrogate to choose prospective couples, as well. This gives the surrogate more time to feel comfortable with her choice. You will receive profiles of surrogates that have already decided they would like to help you. You, your spouse and the surrogate will all meet together to talk and learn more about each other’s reasons.

If you want to find a surrogate in California, you long to have children and should consider an agency that is top notch and understands this, such as the Center for Surrogate Parenting.

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