Hiring Skips in Devon – The Types and Categories of Waste


Is mess starting to build up on your property following a home renovation? If so, spend a little money on skips in Devon, which can be hired for an amount of time that suits you. Sturdy and available in various sizes, the use of skips is highly encouraged because they prevent universal waste from being dumped on landfills. Additionally, the use of skips lowers the consumption of natural resources. When spending money on containers like this, it would be wise to categorise your waste beforehand.

Types of Waste

Companies that collect waste and provide customers with skips will track each type of waste, so that recyclable materials can be used to produce new goods. In order to do this effectively, they must know what type of waste you have. Solid Waste is a common type of waste, and is also known as non-regulated medical waste. Regulated Medical Waste can be quite hazardous, and you may need a roll on roll off container for this type of waste. Healthcare organizations will likely have a build-up of Pharmaceutical Waste, whereas home and business owners may have Universal Waste in the form of bulbs, batteries and pesticides.

Choosing a Skip

Once you have figured out what type of waste you have, you can hire skips in Devon. If you have a small amount of waste to dispose of, choose a midi skip. For larger amounts of waste, a maxi skip will be suitable. Sometimes, it’s necessary to hire larger containers for bulkier pieces of waste, and this is when roll on roll off containers will come in handy. These containers can hold demolition and heavy construction waste, as well as recyclable materials and dry non-hazardous waste. They are a good option for general waste management.

Benefits of Skips

Asbestos, pesticides, furniture, solvents, electrical appliances, wood – you name it, there will be a skip that holds it. This is one of the many benefits associated with paying for skips, which can be loaded onto a secure vehicle and sent to you the same day in most cases!  A cost-effective method of disposal, skips can do wonders for the image of a business, and could help you keep track of the amount and type of waste you are generating on a weekly or monthly basis.

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